Sustainable Eco-friendly Printing

Our Responsibility to Future Generations

We take our responsibility as a manufacturer very seriously. We are continually working towards a cleaner, greener environmentally friendly Newcastle print operation. We see it as essential. We have children too.

The Environmental Policy of the Bright Print Group of Companies has been founded upon the philosophy of minimising our utilisation of non-renewable resources, maximising recycling opportunities and seeking out sustainable printing and operational methodologies. The Directors of the organisation take full responsibility for the development, monitoring and management of our environmental initiatives and procedures.
Not only are our processes certified to ISO14001, but we are also one of the few printing companies in Australia which has a carbon managed printing facility subscribing to a sustainable operating philosophy.

FSC® Chain of Custody 

FSC Logo2

In 2009, the Bright Print Group achieved FSC® accreditation through the certifying body, SGS Australia Pty Ltd.
Although BPG’s preferred stocks have been FSC® for a number of years, we can now include the FSC® logo on items which our clients desire to be FSC® certified. The FSC® logo can send a powerful message to your clients that your organisation chooses to purchase from well-managed forests – forests that ensure a superior outcome for our planet.

Carbon Minimised Printing

The Bright Print Group took the initiative to benchmark its carbon footprint in 2008.
A full audit was completed by Carbon Planet which highlighted areas for actioning and opportunity. Our aim is to minimize through organic means our carbon emissions through better operational practices and purchasing procedures. Whilst offsetting carbon emissions through legitimate means is admirable, the primary priority should always be to minimise aggressively within your own operations.

Sustainability Advantage Programme

We were pleased to be accepted into the Printing Cluster of the Department of Environment and Climate Change’s Sustainability Advantage Programme in 2009.
The programme involves rigorous assessment, along with completion of educational modules designed to increase our organisation’s awareness of sustainability issues and evolution to world’s best practice. In 2011 we were awarded the coveted Silver Membership in recognition of our achievements under this programme.

Sustainable Green Print - 
Level 3

In 2009, we continued our quest to develop best practice in terms of our environmental policies and procedures.
To this end we sought out and received certification to the Printing Industries Association of Australia’s Sustainable Green Print. BPG were the second company in Australia and first in NSW to to achieve this level of certification. The certification is printing industry specific and very rigorous in its reporting requirements of efficiency programs and waste streams in particular.

Some of our Award Winning Environmental Print Initiatives

In 2008 and again in 2010, we were awarded the NSW Printing Industries Gold Medal for Environmental Initiatives.
These awards validated the efforts of our team in striving for improvement across all areas of our operations, including environmental innovation.


All house stock is sourced from within the FSC Chain of Custody. We recommend only FSC rated stocks. The FSC Chain of Custody is the industry’s highest certification. To assist in reducing our carbon emissions, paper used for our own marketing and promotional needs, is from an ECF and COC recycled source. Recycled paper generates considerably less GHG emissions than non recycled paper.


All inks used within our manufacturing are vegetable based inks. The use of these inks substantially miminises the need to use (and store) volatile solvents. It also assists with the reduction of hydrocarbons, as well as disposal of dangerous chemicals. Inks for our large presses are purchased in plastic containers which are stored and collected by the ink manufacturer for recycling.

Spray Powder

The spray powder used in the pressroom is fully digestible and environmentally friendly.


Use of film and photographic chemicals within our prepress area has been eliminated by the introduction of Computer to Plate technology. 100% of all metal plates are collected and recycled.


A subject of our environmental targets, water has been systematically reduced throughout our production process.
In 2008, we installed a water recirculation unit on our Computer to Plate processor saving a staggering 92% of water use.
A Sydney Water authorised, on-site sub-ground pit filters what little water is used throughout the factory in case of any contaminants. With water substitutes being used in our press room for machinery cleaning, the dominant requirement of water use is for staff amenities.


All of our chemicals are environmentally friendly and low volatility. Most chemicals are water miscible. The few chemicals, such as oil, still used for machinery maintenance, are stored and collected by a licenced waste contractor. We do not emit any toxic emissions.


A massive 99.9% of all paper and board waste is separated for recycling throughout our entire factory. In addition, all staff separate general recyclable waste into co-mingle bins, such as food containers, aluminium cans etc. Last year we recycled 13 tonnes of paper and board per month. This equates to the saving of 169 trees, 32.5 barrels of oil, 53,300kwh of electricity, 48m3 of landfill and 376,440 litres of water.


We are committed to reduce our reliance on plastic wrapping and to insist on minimal packaging from our suppliers. We use recycled plastic wrapping within our delivery area. All plastic that comes into our premises via pallet wrapping etc is collected and compacted within an onsite compactor unit for easy storage and transport to a recycling plant.


All proofs supplied to our clients for print authorisation are chemical free digital proofs.


Electricity is another key consumption item that is monitored closely for environmental, GHG emission and sustainability purposes.
Our first step to minimise unnecessary electricity consumption was to install a power correction unit in 2006. This unit has minimised our losses to an average of 7%, which was a saving of close to 20% on consumption. Since then we have invested in new energy efficient technology for our lighting and airconditioning needs. This has resulted in a further 15% saving in energy consumption.

Printer Cartridges and Consumables

We have joined Planet Ark in their quest to recycle printer cartridges and consumables and save these components from entering landfill. All departments within our factory house Planet Ark recycling bins which we encourage staff to also use for cartridges depleted at home.
There is not one area of our production that has not come under close scrutiny in relation to its impact on our environment, carbon footprint and sustainability. We look forward to improving upon our sound record of achievement and to pursuing world’s best environmental practice for all areas of production.






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