Colour Matching Services Newcastle

From time to time you may require accurate colour matching services for print. NCP/Bright Print Group are FOGRA 39 Compliant.

Some examples of critical colour matching are:

  • Periodicals where you need the masthead and branding elements to be consistent each issue
  • Printed colour charts which are as close as possible to the original products - such as cosmetics, grouts, paints, carpets
  • Fine artists producing limited edition reproductions of original paintings
  • Photographers producing commercial reproductions of photographs
  • Prestige packaging with multiple spot colours and critical trapping
  • Catalogues for fine art, jewellery and philately auctions which must be as close as possible to the originals
  • Government or corporate bodies requiring brand consistency across multiple offices and applications

Some of these tasks take considerable patience and time, but it can be done.  

NCP Printing provides Newcastle colour matching services so if you have a project that requires critical colour matching, speak to NCP Printing Newcastle. Email us or phone us on 02 4926 1300.





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