Print Warehousing Newcastle

We will Print, Store and Deliver as Required. The problem with storing your printed material is that it tends to take up a great deal of room and requires a notable effort to keep track of what you've got. We can solve those problems for you! For more information, please email us or call 02 4926 1300.

Print Storage Solutions in Two Locations - Newcastle and Sydney
At our two locations in Newcastle and Wetherill Park, a total of 2500m² is dedicated to the storage of client items, awaiting despatch or further manufacture. All inventoried items are monitored by our M.I.S. which logs all print inventory movements. Comprehensive stock reporting is available. For more information, please email us or call 02 4926 1300.

Print Warehousing and Print Inventory Management
Considerable benefits extend to clients who use our print warehousing and inventory management facilities. There is no longer a need for a separate procurement company, charging additional fees. All print and storage can be accommodated onsite saving you considerable time in supplier communication and inventory tracking. Coupled with our online tracking and stock control facilities, clients are provided the resources via the internet, to view the status of all client items at any stage of production. For more information, please email us or call 02 4926 1300.

Client requirements:

  • Print Management contract
  • PC or Mac
  • Internet connection


  • On-line ordering
  • On-line quotations
  • Stock control and stock reports
  • Jobs in progress
  • Stock availability
  • Re-order quantities
  • Last orders
  • Full history of stock movements
  • Preparation of artwork proofs
  • Viewing of artwork proofs


  • Considerable internal time and cost savings
  • Fixed item pricing
  • Guaranteed supply
  • Quality consistency
  • Total control of inventory
  • Integration of non-print items
  • Desktop access
  • Immediate communication
  • Secure environment
  • Professional management

The print inventory management system enables the generation of orders directly into our job production system, as well as quote requests, viewing of artwork proofs etc. It is a very powerful tool, which allows our clients to directly monitor all aspects of their print production.
Full training is provided at your site. All that is required by the client is internet access and a desire to more efficiently control your print requirements. For more information, please email us or call 02 4926 1300.

Environmental Considerations

Print runs can be co-ordinated to allow for production of 6-12 months of supply. By printing in bulk, unavoidable spoilage generated when setting up a job on the press is limited to one print run, not several. There are also energy consumption savings when a press is running at full speed, tather than regularly stopping and starting. Comprehensive stock reporting is undertaken to mitigate redundant stock items. Online ordering and tracking eliminates unnecessary paper based transactions. This is a brief outline of the efforts we make in the general planning and day to day running of the company. You will find area-specific environmental information on the pages about our various departments, or by viewing our Sustainable Printing page
We would be happy to help you with your print warehousing and inventory management requirements...
 For more information, please email us or call 02 4926 1300.






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