Integrated Marketing Solutions

Research from the US has shown there are new influences shaping Direct Marketing. NCP can help you understand the options available for marketing your product or services, and how to ensure you get the best results from your investment. We can provide advice and assist you in planning and implementing your integrated marketing communications and integrated marketing strategies. Contact us or call 02 4926 1300.

The most common types of Marketing Channels utilised in an integrated marketing mix are:

  • Direct Mail
  • Email
  • Telemarketing
  • SMS
  • Broadcast media
  • PURL’s
  • Online advertising

Despite our obsession with the internet, research undertaken by Winterberry Group has shown that Direct Mail is still considered the most effective channel for customer acquisition and retention. When used within an integrated marketing campaign the results are measurable. Contact us or call 02 4926 1300.

The following graphs highlight the strength of acquisition and contact/retention of direct mail for Business to Consumer segment.

Source:  Target Marketing, Media Usage Forecast, March, 2012

Here are some more facts that support the use of Direct Marketing within your marketing mix.

  • 52.4% of US consumers say they read direct mail received from retailers
  • 53% say they find direct mail ‘useful’
  • 16.8% have responded to retail mail offers

The use of personalized Direct mail which is well designed, easy to read and relevant to the audience remains one of marketing’s most powerful mediums. Over 65% of people surveyed in 2011 in the US stated that they received too many emails in one day. On the contrary, over 60% responded that they enjoyed checking their mail box. Contact us or call 02 4926 1300.


Direct mail is dead Direct mail continues to be noticed in the mailbox
Direct mail is too expensive ROI for direct mail is excellent
Direct mail no longer works Direct mail is still the winner in acquisition
and retention efforts
Direct mail only appeals to an older market Young people respond to direct mail
Marketing efforts will be just as effective
without direct mail in the mix
Direct mail in combination with other channels
significantly increases response rates










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